Friday, July 6, 2012

Andy Basiago, the quantum-time-jumper.

Honestly I have some problems with this... Of course it's possible that Andy jumped-back  in time and (as he and Alfred Lautremont Webre said.) he was present in President Lincoln's Gettysburg address, but ...something is wrong here. 
IF Basiago went back in 1863, he wasn't even born, so he was an unborn..!
More than that, his parents were unborn..!
-Hey Andy what's going on? 
-Nothing yet. 
-How's that? 
-Yes, because I am not born yet. are not here then?
-Yes and no.
- A =/= A?
-Hmmmmm, you know all this pure Quantum Jumping.
 Now, as you know already, to make all this look “scientific” we just need one word: Quantum.
If you need to sound civilized and advanced, add the word Quantum to your nonsensical rants and everything will become believable.  
Instead of talking about time-travel, use quantum-time-jump, and everybody will believe you.

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