Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kevin Annett and Alfred Webre campaign of defamation against Pope Francis I and Catholic Church

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The basic law of defamation is this one: original lies become bigger and bigger because the Nothing Happens Syndrome is at work here. 
The Dynamic Duo keeps talking and finding new fictions. Now the abuses and 9th ritual sacrifices are performed in yates. 9th circle sacrifices are performed in Rome also. 
The worst and cheapest tabloid  would not go into this infamy. At the same time, the whole thing is absurd. 
I think that it's possible that some loonies, borderline pathological personalities and  criminal elements could send some money to this clown. Also, the slanderous attacks against the Catholic Church could be useful for the zionist-imperialist agenda.  

Alfred Webre
As-it-happens update November 17, 2014

Alfred Lambremont Webre and Kevin Annett: Vancouver&Bangkok top child-trafficking cities ...
Alfred Lambremont Webre with Kevin Annett: Canada PM Harper Cabinet Minister Denis Lebel in Ninth Circle child sacrifice in Rome (Video)Wed, ...
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

UFO mythology and marketing.

Marketing and the UFO-ET Hypothesis

Tomas Scolarici at UFO Culture - 16 hours ago
UFO as a Market invention. *First of all we must consider that in the Market system. everything becomes a commodity, including UFO-ET-Paranormal mythologies. Because of this, the self proclaimed experts that support the UFO-ET Hypothesis are also ruled by the market. They need to write what sells.Obviously this destroys any compromise with objectivity. The rule here is that what sells is true. That is why the UFO industry tries to create the impression of thousands of sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO.)What these professional Ufologists, Exopoliticians and contactees ... more »

Monday, October 13, 2014

The "After Disclosure" promised show.

Of course you can write a book about how will be our world after disclosure. Let me make this clear.
The self proclaimed experts in UFO-Extraterrestrial Hypothesis tell us that there is a universal cover
up, because governments, scientists, churches, politicians, bankers and financiers just DO NOT WANT YOU TO LEARN THAT THE EXTRATERRESTRIALS ARE HERE, IN OUR PLANET.
Besides these experts tell us that sooner or later there will be a disclosure. Governments, bankers, politicians, scientists, priests, etc, will recognize that they will lying to us, and will shows us the ETs.
There is more...
Richard Dolan, one of the self proclaimed experts and also self proclaimed "television figure," wrote a book about how the world will be after disclosure. (Between us, do not waste your money and time, because  the cover-up is mythologic and to talk about the imaginary disclosure is totally meaningless. Think that the writer is selling you pure fiction as analysis of future events.)

Please, enjoy the show and do not ask me why these individuals call themselves "experts".

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Bible Code Definitively Proves Obama Is The Antichrist! | Right Wing Watch

The Bible Code Definitively Proves Obama Is The Antichrist! | Right Wing Watch

Wiles: So either Barack Obama is the Man of Sin, commonly known as the Antichrist, the Bible doesn’t say ‘Antichrist’ it says ‘Man of Sin.’
Wright: That’s right.
Wiles: Either Barack Obama is the Man of Sin or he is strongly connected to the Man of Sin or the spirit of Antichrist.
Wright: That’s right. Those are my only — I’ve tried to look at this as an investigation not with an agenda, by the way, but what I’ve come up with those have to be the possibilities. Let’s just face it, he’s got a ring on that says, ‘There’s no God but Allah and Mohammad is his Messenger.’ Now, by definition, that’s Antichrist.
As Wright explained, he searches for Obama’s name in the Bible Code alongside terms relating to Satan: “look up the ‘Man of Sin’ or ‘Beelzebub’ or any name that has a connection to Satan or Lucifer and then go and see if there’s a connection to him, and usually they both confirm, back and forth the same thing.”

ENJOY THE SHOW: The Bible Code Definitively Proves Obama Is The Antichrist! | Right Wing Watch

The Bible Code Definitively Proves Obama Is The Antichrist! | Right Wing Watch

Saturday, September 20, 2014

International “Common Law Court” Indicts The Pope While Sitting On The Toilet! (Feat. Kevin Annett)

International “Common Law Court” Indicts The Pope While Sitting On The Toilet! (Feat. Kevin Annett)

Kevin Annett indicts the  Pope from the loo!

Alfred Webre Exo Universe teaches time-travel and similar "sciences".

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD: 9/11 disinfo op?

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD: 9/11 disinfo op?

Reader: Kevin Annett is a Defrocked Priest who has taken-up a Second Career as a Con-Artist/Grifte

Reader: Kevin Annett is a Defrocked Priest who has taken-up a Second Career as a Con-Artist/Grifte

Will publisher give money back?


TRIANGULAR UFO: confirmed hoax after two decades 

In April 1990, a photograph of a triangular shaped hovering UFO by an eighteen year old man named Patrick became one of the most sensational photographs that perplexed even scientists at NASA.
After almost two decades, the mystery of the photograph was finally resolved as the man behind the hoax admitted the picture was a fake.
In a TV interview, one of the forgers admitted that the UFO was made of polystyrene and then photographed. Read More.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Galactic Message..!

The Purple War.
Earthlers or Terrans

The rotor is conditional depending on the state of the ovoid exo-center. However, the quantum pluridimensional meta-verse  is working well after the attacks of the perfidious Sicanteras from Erkos.
Our beautiful world now.

As you must know humans, the so called purple wars which lasted 3 thousand years, made impossible any previous contact. Now, however, the Central Council of the Geno-Immortals   decided what follows:
Contact between us and your noble people will be possible soon, in no more than 75 years of YOUR TIME.
No peace in defeat.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Galactic Councilors, Multiversalists and Experts in ...Ascension

There are no more contactees. Some of them are old and just rewrite the same books of New Age and self-help telling their audience these are messages from the extraterrestrials...time changes all.

However, UFO experts, Ufologist and Exopoliticians write sometimes something. The same old UFO book with some new words and nothing new, simply because there is nothing new.
Something else is dead. The meme of the "disclosure". The disclosurists of course always knew that since there is no cover-up, there will never be disclosure, and the hot thing is now conspiracy theory. You know, the chemtrails, the Pope as a pedophile, Satanic plans to control the world through the so called New World Order.

We have now new wise men and women. Some of them are Galactic Counselors

and experts  in Universal legislation. Others are multi-universalists and find sitting women, bones, squirrels faces, ET. bases and secret Human colonies in Mars. Remember the men in black? Another dead meme probably killed by some funny but boring films. A joke.
Ah..! We must include here the experts in Ascension, right? The big year was the 2012, but as usual, prophesies always fail. Truth is that nobody knows what this Ascension is.

How about Andy Basiago the time-space traveler? Between us, Basiago fantasies do not sell at all, so we have another, pretty silly dead meme.
Of course is not easy to make a living with new "UFO sightings" knowing that 92% of all sightings are produced by totally normal events like planet Venus, meteorites, space junk, imagination and ignorance. The UFO experts never talk or write about scientific statistics.Is taboo.
Truth is that we live in the Society of the Spectacle and...the show must go on.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Com'n see...the magnificent Alfred Webre..!

The amazing Alfred..!

I am beginning to understand that the obviously forged birth certificate profferred by Barack H. Obama on April 27, 2012 may have been an intentional psyops provocation by Obama and the CIA time travel Presidency apparatus to fracture and divide the body politic of the USA using MSM disinformation and propaganda (techniques the CIA has used since the 1950s to overthrow regimes), and undermine even further the constitutional fabric of the USA, already weakened by CIA false flags (JFK assassination (Nov. 22, 1963); (9/11 False Flag); 2008 Financial Collapse false flag; Katrina & BP Oil Spill False Flags). USA is now divided with 40% believing Obama is not constitutionally qualified to be President, and an equal percentage believing that the "forged birth certificate" has been disproved (because MSM has told them so). Result: The preconditions for the deconstruction of the USA in Obama Term II (2013 - 2016), and its balkanization into 5 or more NWO administrative districts to include Canada perhaps. One possible accelerating mechanism (2013-2016: Martial law around manipulated food shortage and famine -


Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Governments recognize the presence of Extraterrestrials and Multidimensionals  in our planet Earth. Here are the images.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Russian invasion of Crimea is related to UFO, Extraterrestrials and disclosure, according World's greatest Exopoliticians.

In EXOnews Dr Michael Salla writes:

"To find the truth of whether Putin’s Russia is quietly pursuing an “exopolitics” agenda by leaking information extraterrestrial life, we need to begin with events in the early 1990’s. As the Soviet Union collapsed in December 1991, and 15 independent states emerged, the Soviet KGB dissolved and in the process lost control over a vast collection of files. Many of these leaked KGB files concerned the formerly Soviet era taboo subjects of UFOs and extraterrestrial life."

Alfred Webre, co-founder of the Exopolitical Science,  thinks that Russian invasion have something to do with exopolitical agendas and subterranean pyramids presumably built by Aliens.

World’s oldest pyramid found in Crimea

(We must remember that Dr. Michael Salla attributed the USA Iraq invasion to some kind of Star Gate open in that country.)

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Below a partial list of ET and ED ex-UFOs

Plutonium Sol Victas (PSV-755)
Sensors: Good
Weapons: Death Beams.
Shields: Far above average
Crew: 10-25 members     Speed: Below average
Cargo Space: Good
Passenger Space: Normal
Fuel Supply: Above average
Extra: Pilot can also control the weapons system

Sensorial Ruger (INR-497)
Sensors: Good
Weapons: Good
Shields: Poor
Crew: 3-12 members       Speed: 160.000 m/s.
Cargo Space: Far above average
Passenger Space: Above average
Fuel Supply: Below Average
Extra: More maneuverable than its speed suggests

Green Wanderer (GW-524)
Sensors: Very poor
Weapons: Below Average
Shields: Above average
Crew: 5-8 members         Speed: Poor
Cargo Space: Extremely good
Passenger Space: Average
Fuel Supply: Good
Extra: Easily upgraded cargo space

Colonial Steam Raptor (CSTR-703)
Sensors: Average
Weapons: Not much
Shields: Average
Crew: 4-6 members         Speed: Average
Cargo Space: Extremely good
Passenger Space: Poor
Fuel Supply: Below Average
Extra: Has a tractor beam

Cyber Silver Frigate (CSF-9052)
Sensors: Far above average
Weapons: Average
Shields: Good
Crew: 8-10 members       Speed: Good
Cargo Space: Poor
Passenger Space: Slightly above average
Fuel Supply: Space Dust
Extra: Pilot can also control the weapons system

Stalking Outlaw Unanima (SOUU-347)
Sensors: Perfect
Weapons: Above average
Shields: Slightly below average
Crew: 15-32 members     Speed: Post-Light Average
Cargo Space: Limited
Passenger Space: Limited
Fuel Supply: Good
Extra: Hull is strong enough to ram another ship and survive

Howling Rugis (HR-716)
Sensors: Extremely good
Weapons: Few
Shields: Far above average
Crew: 3-8 members         Speed: 120.000 m/s.
Cargo Space: Average
Passenger Space: Below Average
Fuel Supply: Good
Extra: It is possible to upgrade the fuel capacity

Phantom Jovian Chameleon (PHJCH-3449)
Sensors: Incredibly good
Weapons: Far above average
Shields: Very good
Crew: 3-15 members       Speed: Slightly above average
Cargo Space: Good
Passenger Space: Slightly above average
Fuel Supply: Average
Extra: Not designed for use by humanoids

Rebel Tramp Drop-Ship (RTD-135)
Sensors: Good
Weapons: Good-Dis-integrator Included.
Shields: Strong
Crew: 2-4 members         Speed: Very good
Cargo Space: Not a cargo ship.
Passenger Space: Very good
Fuel Supply: Quantum recycle.
Extra: Difficult to repair or upgrade components

Savus-class Griffon (SG-4816)
Sensors: Extremely good
Weapons: Average
Shields: Very good
Crew: 3-4 members         Speed: Slightly above average
Cargo Space: Very good
Passenger Space: Average
Fuel Supply: Excellent
Extra: Contains many small weapons lockers




Talking about contact with extraterrestrial visitors and the need of an exopolitical science, we forget about the multiple subterranean terrestrial civilizations and the urgent need to contact these sons and daughters of Mother Earth.
Many governments and reactionary scientists deny us the right to know about these subterranean and subaquatic cultures.
That’s why they want us to watch the skies and make no questions.
That’s why most of the self proclaimed UFO experts are disinformers and psy-ops. They love to hear us talking about Exopolitics but just hate the idea of the real science we need: ENDOPOLITICS.

Karine Ozaki
Letty Murin
Jerome Buttrick
Davida Gracia Ammons-Camano
Sharen Chantay Marlor Witz
Judi Tomika Sawallich
Dorotha Sicinski
Hui Pellum
Perry Chris Hamilton
Bunny Hermine Trynkof

The Wisdom of Galactic Civilizations.

(Channelized by Betty P.)

*Finding a key while the sun sets is an omen of an act of kindness, but you must invoke your deity, if you have one.

*If you see a wolf sleeping under some oak, know that this predicts a difficult journey. Beware.

*Spotting a black snake near a patch of certain yellow flowers is a bad omen. Something negative about your past will be soon known. 

*The best love letters are written near a patch of lilies at twilight. 

*Know that finding a broken sword at camp is thought to predict your sister’s marriage. 

A Message from the Supreme Algolian Council about the visit of 12 human ufologists to that planetary system.

A Message from the Supreme Algolian Council  about the visit of 12 human ufologists to that planetary system.

Rafresar sasdeail raddasr waidh udhasr du raiya e relriera e nusa llelderirr-arwia ruiln. Tha sayasran erfhefad ufdaiulr esa sruras du raiffasairh, fid nairhd fa irallir llus run dhailrr.

I neca lu rieseldaar er du whed wairr heffal aill irrui fid llillirr shesesdasr ail dha dazd fuz. I nairhd heya ruddal dha Xeldh dselrredaiul wsulr weirr 'suiln - runaula whu her dha fuucr sruras du heln dhel I nu, rad na cluw. 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Alfred Webre & Kevin Annett: Brussels Trial of Pope, UK Queen for genocide; USA prosecution for chemtrails

You MUST see this and your life will change...learn about the structure of the Universe, Mother Earth, follow the sequence of events, the truth about the British crown and the Pope. Just  wonderful and highly recommended.

Glogrian Schlosser
Valdred Sigmar
Heidric Grenz
Ditl Zimmermann
Herdegen Bugmann
Wolfgang Boeglin
Erdred Denkhmann
Hartwig Bahrenfahrer
Asman Gottlieb
Goran Masel
Lucius Aufwieg
Anders Gross/z

Demut Rohr
Hilusch Gunther
Theda Konig
Arabella Hirsh
Wolfhilde Biber
Lucinda Altdorf
Else Nacht
Amalinde Vogt
Genovega Emskranker
Barbara Bischoffer
Girlin Blutdorfer
Jarla Heiligdorfer
Emelia Kurst
Rosamunde Allenstag
Martina Priestlich

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

URGENT: 12 Recognized Ufologists will visit ALGOL..!

The Supreme Algolian Council invited 12 UFO researchers to pay a visit to Algol, political and military command of our Galaxy. 
As one of our reliable sources confirmed, the names of these well known investigators will remain  anonymous for security reasons.  
Our source told us that this invitation has nothing to do with some eventual disclosure.
We couldn't get any information about the return of the group that includes several women.
Algol,  Beta Perβ Perseiβ Per, known colloquially as the Demon Star, is a bright star in the constellation of Perseus.


Dr. Richard Boylan reveals Grey NAZI Insectoid Infiltrations: The Genetical & Psychotronic Apocalyptical Locust Plague from Orion Constellation.

Mind Control Expert and Dr Greer - Strange Bedfellows?
And this is a link sent by the Councilor of Earth, Dr.Richard Boylan to his followers:
Dr. Richard Boylan : Abduction as negative, traumatic experience.



The evidence from my research and clinical experience, as well as that of other clinical professionals working with experiences of ET encounters, strongly suggests that the vast majority of close encounter experiencers have an acute, mild-to-severe transient reaction, if any, to their close extraterrestrial encounter. With prompt expert attention, chronic symptoms re rare. these are experiencers who have had an Uncomplicated ET Encounter. They exhibit the temporary symptoms, if any, of Close extraterrestrial Encounter Syndrome (CEES). A Brief Intervention Model of exploratory, educative and ventilative counseling about close ET encounters generally suffices for the vast majority of experiencers with an Uncomplicated Close Encounter. In these cases I have found that one to six sessions of therapy and education generally are sufficient. After this brief counseling is completed, the experiencers typically have worked through any anxiety they might have had about their encounter(s). they are then ready to move on to an experience consciousness-sharing group to explore further what ET contact means.
Close Extraterrestrial Encounter Syndrome (CEES) is an Adjustment Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (DSM 309.9): a reaction to a close extraterrestrial encounter (CEE), remembered or repressed into the unconscious, which substantially alters patterns of daily living or social relationships in a mildly disorienting or unsettling way, and has four or more of the following 20 associated symptoms. these symptoms may include:
1.            Repeated anxiety/unexplained restlessness after an anomalous event, (such as one involving nocturnal lights, viewing a UFO, a sense of a foreign presence in the house, or an unexplained detour from one's ordinary driving route);
2.            Phobic reaction to phenomena consciously or unconsciously associated with a CEE, (such as an accurate sketch of an extraterrestrial face);
3.            Repeated sleep disturbances or nightmares with UFO/ET themes;
4.            Obsessional "Dreams" or daytime thinking about UFOs, ETs or CEES;
5.            Compulsive behavior (e.g., reading) concerning the UFO topic;
6.            Unexplained moodiness/irritability after an anomalous UFO/encounter incident
7.            Preoccupation with body symptoms/marks associated with a CEE (such as tiny scoop marks, or laser scars which don't bleed or hurt and which heal very quickly, or inexplicable bruises noted upon wakening consistent with an extraterrestrial hand grip, or episodic ringing in one ear, or other episodic resonance vibrations felt in a particular body site, such as the upper nasal sinus cavity or the occipital lobe region of the brain);
8.            Experiencing an unexplainable, substantial period of "missing time" following an anomalous incident, (such as being paced at night by a "car" with a single powerful headlight, or sitting down after dinner to watch television, immediately noticing an unusual pattern on the screen, and "waking up" at 9:00 the next morning unable to remember having watched TV or going to bed, etc.);
9.            The suddenunexplained onset of feelings of social non-ordinariness (i.e., that one is out of sync with the world, or that the world no longer seems as it used to);
10.          Cosmic awareness (thinking about the Earth as a living whole, instead of confining one's perspective to neighborhood or town or country; or thinking about the Earth as just one among many inhabited planets) which enters with unusual frequency into one's daytime thinking;
11.          Suddenly feeling an affinity for CEE experiencers one reads about or hears interviewed on television, or feeling a strong attraction to extraterrestrials as somehow familiar;
12.          A sense of receiving telepathic messages or repeated gifted intuitions, presumably from an extraterrestrial source;
13.          A sense of one's mindspace being episodically entered into and shared with an extraterrestrial being;
14.          The onset of or marked increase in, psychic/ESP ability, (such as clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition, or telekinesis);
15.          Onset of attraction for a spiritually or religious practice based on the in-dwelling of the Supreme Source in all nature, and resultant reverence for all lifeforms as related;
16.          Sense of longing for the primary-contact Extraterrestrial one has dealt with during one or more Encounters;
17.          An obsessive sense of having a mission (clear, vague or unconscious) derived from the CEE, and related to the extraterrestrials' messages;
18.          A sense of strong "pull" to travel to a specific area, either with an intuition of an impending close encounter there, or for an unknown reason, (which turns out to be a CEE);
19.          Having an extraterrestrial perspective to the Earth's situation, or feeling a genetic heritage partially derived from extraterrestrial sources, or having a sense of having come from off-planet, or having somehow had an extraterrestrial as one parent;
20.          Sense of one's destiny as off-planet, or feeling a "pull" to go "home" to an extraterrestrial planet one was shown by the ET's, or to "rejoin fellow" extraterrestrials elsewhere in the galaxy.
Then, there are those experiencers who are suffering from major symptoms of a Complicated Close Extraterrestrial Encounter Syndrome (CEES). Most often this is because they are still dealing with residual emotions from an earlier, severe, human-caused trauma, for which they have not yet completed a successful course of psychotherapy. In such instances, the extraterrestrial visitations cause an abreactive exacerbation of previous, human-caused Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Other preexisting disorders which predispose an experiencer to develop major symptoms after an encounter are: Dissociative Identity Disorder, Borderline Personality Syndrome, severe Histrionic or severe Dependent Personality disorder. For such dually-challenged persons the therapist will need to consider longer-term psychotherapy.
Such therapy will need to deal with both the human-caused traumatic issues and the emotional exacerbation and turmoil resulting from extraterrestrial visitations. Special care will be needed to keep distinct the issues stemming from the human-caused trauma, and those issues stemming from the extraterrestrial contact itself. It cannot be expected that the experiencer who has had previous human trauma will initially be able to keep the two events separate. In fact, in my research experience, such experiencers almost always confuse the feelings coming from their extraterrestrial encounter with the residual feelings from their human trauma.
And this is to be expected. The reason such confounding of close encounter feelings with feelings from human trauma occurs is because the human trauma is invariable extremely intense, catastrophically unexpected, out-of-the-norm, and extremely intimate. The unresolved human traumata most likely to cause flashback emotions after a close encounter are: childhood sexual molestation, childhood or adult rape, or childhood ritual (Satanic) cultic abuse, (usually involving sexual molestation and torture). Such human traumata leave the victim with deep feelings of being intruded upon intimately by an unwanted other person, feelings of being overpowered in a frightening way, feelings of loss of the usual protective boundaries between what is personal and what is socially shared, and feeling of loss of distinction between where self ends and where another person begins (intimate invasion).
Because extraterrestrial encounters often involve the sudden appearance of one or more extraterrestrials without warning in an expected location, such as one's bedroom at night, their appearance can feel, at first, like an invasion. the extraterrestrials' use of mental telepathy, and their facility for reading one's thoughts and the contents of one's mind, can feel, to the previously traumatized person, like an old, familiar, and unwelcome intrusion into what is in our culture one's private space. Here we have the clash of two cultures, polar opposite in their assumptions. In human culture, (Western modern industrial culture, anyway) the assumption is that one's thoughts and living space are private, because individualism is prized. In extraterrestrial cultures researched thus far, it appears that living space and thoughts are inevitably shared, because of the automatic, two-way nature of the mutual telepathic ability of all members of their society. they live in a shared mind-field "commons".
There are other aspects of some close encounters which may also cause traumatic flashbacks. Sometimes an extraterrestrial will cloak him/herself (yes, they have gender) by imposing on the mind of the experiencer the borrowed appearance of a familiar family figure, so that the experiencer believes (and remembers) that it was Dad, or Uncle Henry, or Grandma that was actually in the bedroom the night they woke up with a presence in the room. If that close encounter also includes a scientific-medical exam, with the experiencer on her back, paralyzed or held in place by force-field ankle or wrist restraints, and if palpation of the pelvic or buttocks areas, or a gynecological procedure is part of the procedures, and the experiencer has only sketchy recall of the encounter, their memory may put the fragments remembered together and come up with the pseudo-memory that Dad, or Uncle Henry, or Grandma pinned them down in their bedroom and molested them. I have discovered at least five instances of such pseudo-incest memories in an 86-case research sample, and Hard psychiatrist John Mack reports more.
Then, there are those minority of cases, perhaps 5%, of persons who are the victims of pseudo-Alien abductions. These are staged by human Military/Intelligence "Special Operations" personnel to extract information or test exotic technology, and may include drugging, narco-hypnotism, psychological and physical abuse, interrogations, threats, rape, or torture, in exotic unfamiliar settings, with bizarre pseudo-"Aliens" (costumed Special Forces) present. The federal Department of Health and Human Services has been collecting reports from these victims.
Differential diagnosis of CEES from schizophrenia is relatively straightforward. Genuine experiencers do not have bizarre, grandiose, somatic, religious, nihilistic or persecutory delusions, (although the clinician must distinguish such report as telepathic communication by ETs from schizophrenia thought-insertion delusions.) Likewise, schizophrenic auditory hallucinations, where "the voices" criticize or command, must be distinguished from audible-seeming ET telepathic communication. And genuine experiencers are not incoherent, nor locked into illogical thinking or loose associations, as schizophrenics so often are. Also, experiencers' affect is anything but blunt or flat. Nor is their behavior grossly disorganized, as the schizophrenic's so often is.
Borderline Personality Disorder, as well as Factitious Disorder with Psychological Symptoms, provide differential diagnosis challenges, because many attention-seeking Borderlines and Factitious Disordered are now hopping on the "abductee-victim" bandwagon. Further, they have been exposed to enough media or support-group data to cleverly mimic experiencers. But persons who have had genuine encounters generally lack the marked mood-shifting, stubborn anger, history of intensely unstable relationships, gnawing identity disturbance, impulsivity patterns and chronic acting-out to enliven an empty life, which are the hallmarks of Borderlines.
Likewise, the Factitious-Disordered person's chaotic array of symptoms and stubborn clinging to "victim" status do differentiate them from the generally well-functioning experiencer, who genuinely wants to understand their experiences and come to feel resolved.
The differentiation of Delusional Disorder, Paranoid Type from CEES is more exacting, because a Delusional could, and sometimes does, have a single-topic delusion of extraterrestrial visitation, and otherwise be functional. However, the characteristically-disproportional, consuming paranoia of the Delusional is quite different than the sometimes-afraid reaction of some experiencers. And Delusionals are refractory to reality-based educative counseling, which experiencers are able to use to master their misgivings and uncertainties about their encounters.
Frontal-Lobe Epilepsy may produce transient organic hallucinations, which can infrequently include "seeing" extraterrestrials. But the emotional lability, impulsiveness, intellectual rigidity or social disconnectedness often also seen in these organic personality syndromes distinguishes them from genuine experiencers, who are usually psychologically indistinguishable from the general population.
In my view, there is no more interesting and rewarding work than working with persons who have experienced a personal extraterrestrial visitation. The opportunities for healing, learning, and growing are immense. Yet clinical skills will be tested in this arena. And the need for vigilance to screen out the false and imitation presentations will always be present. And traditional sources of professional and colleague support are not yet evolved to encompass this reality. Until then, one finds new supports, in organizations like ACCET and PEER and from other avant-garde clinicians and experts.
One hundred years ago psychiatry was not an accepted discipline. One hundred years from today, people will marvel that Psychology once excluded extraterrestrial encounters as delusions.