Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Lucas Von Teufel 
May 25
to me
Dear Mr. Fogg, thanks for your message and yes, truth is that there are several changes, (apparently, of course,) on the program of the PTB, (Powers That Be) concerning logistic, strategy or tactics in the UFO-ET social environment.

Basically, there are at least three different approaches concerning the UFO-ET-C.A. scheme. The traditional is based on keeping things as they are. No changes. The second group of experts thinks that keeping the UFO mythology alive is a waste of time and money. The third one suggests some new approaches but, in my view, these are contradictory and in the end, ineffective.  

PTB did show some interest in the Mexican event.  J.J.Hurtak was there, and this is not casual. J.J.H. was indeed a big player in the UFO program in the 80’s and his presence in the Mexican "fiasco" seems to indicate that they will go on with the total non-sense approach. 

I don't want to give names but while the Hawaiian exopolitician remains a systematic "informant" and W. is lost in the subculture of pure conspiracy theory, the History Professor while attacks the old exopolitics, gives us contradictory statements in what looks like an agnostic posture, but this depends on the public going to his lectures.
Sooner or later, all the professional ufologists become total fantasists and nonsense mythologists.

What is obvious is that there is no more production of events. The times of the M.I.B. and Abductions is gone. (After all, the entertainment industry produces enough influential suggestions.)

This absence of events limits the professional ufologists resources, but in the PTB environment, nobody cares much about this.

Of course, there will be new attempts to sell the "disclosure" rhetoric and faked announcements of "imminence", but this is private production. Nothing official.
We must understand, Mr. Fogg, that UFO fans are a small minority; so small that it doesn't justify “agencies” waste of time and money.

I should say that the UFO-ET-CONSPIRACY mythology belongs to the Cold War Era. Our present is much more complex and problematic.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The UFO-CONSPIRACY INDUSTRY makes money selling lies to YOU

The questions are many: have these hoaxers, self-proclaimed UFO experts some limitation? 

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Science fiction sold as TRUTH
As you probably know, there are individuals who will sell the mummified body of a native american  child found in the nineteen century, as an Alien corpse found in Roswell after the mythological UFO crash, a money making fantasy produced by the UFO Industry.
Is legal to sell the show of an "alien body" for $20 and do not give the money back when the hoax is recognized?
THEY think we are ignorants that will buy their nonsense...are they right?
THEY think that you "want to believe" so you will buy  their bad books, usually "cut and pastes" of the same speculations and hoaxes which are in the market for the last 60 years...

WILL YOU FOLLOW THE FALSE PROPHETS so they can make a nice living with


Think this please: from the beginning of the UFO-ET Mythology, they didn't give us any evidence about what they WANT US TO BELIEVE...and BUY.

One of these con-men told once that PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE ANYTHING and BUY EVERYTHING.

(This conviction came from his experience as self-proclaimed  UFO "expert", Paranormal Investigator and...SELLER OF GALACTIC TONIC for the realignment of your "aura" and/or attraction of money and love... (you can find this scam doing some "google".) Enough is Enough..!
So, if you are ready to fight these individuals, TELL YOUR TRUTH. I invite you to WRITE IN THIS BLOG.
Contact me, Phileas Fogg  at greatest.fools.cicus@gmail.com