Tuesday, August 2, 2011

CABAL..! Circus Little Theater new play.

The scene in a huge laboratory with sophisticated machines, giant computers and the whole science paraphernalia.
Two men looking like Scientifics are at work.

Dr. Strouganoff: Doctor Von Stauphen, glad to see you…
Dr. Von Stauphen: It’s a pleasure Doctor.
Strouganoff: But…you look worried colleague, what’s going on?
Von Stauphen: I am indeed worried, my friend, deeply worried...
Strouganoff: Why is that?
Von Stauphen: We can control earthquakes, right?
Strouganoff: Yes we can do that, and we also can produce earthquakes of different magnitudes…
Von Stauphen: …and we can steal the dark energies we need from neutron stars, and  put secret bases in orbit, and control the whole planet earth, and maintain armies of cabal psyops, right?
Strouganoff:  Indeed our power is practically unlimited…
Von Stauphen: Not, it is not unlimited, Doctor, because an old man with a very dark background and a couple of girls and boys, think that four of them or so, can destroy our bases and even attack using only the power of their minds..!
Strouganoff:  Ah…you are talking about the Councilor of Earth, the Estican Mantis and two ladies, one from Venezuela and the other from Barcelona…
Von Stauphen:  Yes, I am talking about them and perhaps also the Star Nations…
Strouganoff: What Star Nations, my dear good Doctor?
Von Stauphen: The visitors mentioned by Richard B.
Strouganoff:  But you know well that those Star Nations exist only in the imaginary world of the Councilor, whose mind probably has been affected by Hot Tube overindulgence.
Von Stauphen:  And tell me, my dear cabal brother, what we can do about this?
Strouganoff:  MMMM…I’m afraid that we can do nothing about this problem…
Von Stauphen:  But our weapons, our money, and our control of the whole planet! All this has no meaning at all?
Strouganoff:  All that is nothing compared with the joint psychic exercises of Boylan, the two Hispanic ladies and also a couple of young gentlemen…the Boylan’s shields are Invulnerable.
Von Stauphen:  I understand but…he will not stop us…we will go on working with our diabolic inventions, and in the end will win….yes…! We will win! (He laughs as the mad scientist he is.)
Strouganoff:  (also laughing) you are right, we will win with the help of the dark forces…the Cabal will rule the Earth and even the Universe..! And the Star Nations will remain inexistent, or at least totally detached and bored..!
(Light fades while both cabalists laugh like madmen in the darkness.)

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