Saturday, July 21, 2012

Now even GOD is channeled.

 Presumably this is a message from God. Personally I do not find it very original. He is into New Age and Psychoanalysis.

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Heavenletter #4257 Desires and Choices , July 21, 2012
God said:
You live in a world of possibilities. That means a world of choices. Let Us think of choices as neither good nor bad but as workable and serviceable to the good of all. Have a desire for the overall umbrella that you want your choices to fall under, not just for yourself, but also for the world at large as well. Desire choices, and one of your choices is a desire to serve well.
You are not to limit yourself. You were given free choice for a high purpose. Keep your sites set high. Look beyond the hill that is directly before you.
There is not one good way for life to be led. There is not one career that is better than another. One may pay you more money than another. One job may be considered more worthy than another, but worthy for whom? To the man who loves his work goes the medal. Who can be a medical doctor in the world who does not have that leaning? A career is not to be purchased except with love. Otherwise, the price is too high. Who can be a furniture-maker without a love for the feel of wood? Who can be a singer of songs without a strong desire to sing for the joy of singing itself?
Of course, there have been men and women over the centuries who had not the privilege of having a choice to make. They worked in the fields or they worked in the houses of others. Where they worked, what work, they were not given their choice. Then their choice was to give their best in whatever work it was they did.
Many of those who had more of a choice did not have all free choice. They had to earn a dollar that day, and, therefore, they would take the work they could get for that day or their whole lifetime, and they made the work that was given to them their offering to the Universe.
Seeming chance does operate. You chose or were chosen. One choice came your way, and another did not.
There are those who have every choice in the world, and no choice that hails them. And so we have the extremes of no seeming choice of the actual work someone can obtain and those who have all the choices in the world and yet make none and may see no seeming need to make any.
One person chooses a career, and it is their choice all their life long. Another makes a choice from desire, and his desire changes. Is one way better than another? Who is to say. And, in many cases, is a choice truly the choice of the person who chooses it? His service to others, his family, and his employer, may be his free choice. It's fine with him.
There's no better choice than the one right before you this moment. Choices are presented to you or not presented to you. In that case, one could say that your choice is no choice, or, that your choice is, perhaps to drift, and who can say that is right or wrong, and for whom?
It can be one man's choice to be a deep sea diver. To follow that choice, he moves near the sea.
One may seemingly not have choice and yet have desire, and the way to fulfill the desire presents itself.
And some have desires that they are not presently aware of, and, then, the desire presents itself. The desire sweeps itself to the desirer, and he is swept up.
No one knows with certainty what life holds for him. No one. What everyone can know is in what favor he holds his life.


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