Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pleiadean Tarot Reading for Planet Earth.

Semiranath is the greatest Pleiadean Tarot reader. This is her reading for our planet Earth done with the original Pleiadean Tarot Deck.
The Ten of Cloaks
The card depicts a wiry man with dimples and a fist. It is associated with success, a romance, and grief. Inverted, it represents willpower, an injury, and an escape. The back is pale yellow with a poisonous plant upside-down.

The The Stars of Memory
The card depicts a short, crazy youth. It is associated with transformation, a death, and a detour. Inverted, it represents a betrayal, an act of kindness, fire, mental clarity, and a case of mistaken identity. The back is bright scarlet on yellow-orange with a lute and a pike. It has a border of wood.

The Nine of Cunning
The card depicts a tall woman with several piercings and flames involved in a disappointment. It has a dark red-violet border. It is associated with a malfunction, fertility, an agreement, and dexterity. Inverted, it represents a faux pas, pessimism, a deception, an escape, and dreams. The back is tan with a human arm and a torch in a very complex style.

The Six of Wheels
The card depicts a very short, poor woman with sharp green eyes and a tall lass involved in a fall. It is associated with wealth, a meeting, masculinity, imagination, and a reversal of fortune. Inverted, it represents a promise, psychic healing, and purity. The back is blue-green on sea green with candles and a banjo.

The Sleeping Juggler
The card depicts a naive man on the road. It is associated with a certain religious figure, and confidence. Inverted, it represents a parting of ways, a misstep, and chaos. The back is red-orange with a stallion in relief.

The Redeemed Duelist
The card depicts a powerful woman and an eclipsed sun. It is associated with grounding, an accomplishment, a period of severe weather, and detachment. Inverted, it represents opportunity, and rejuvenation. The back is dark brown with a tree and a lute.

The Courtesan of Corruption
The card depicts a short, scheming adult and a willowy man on a windy day. It is associated with a certain historical figure, purity, and illusion. Inverted, it represents water, compassion, a natural disaster, and grief. The back is amber with musical notes as outlines.

The Three of Tablets
The card depicts an attractive old woman and a head in a market. It is associated with feminity, and a rebellion. Inverted, it represents grief, a reunion, fortitude, harmony, and a disagreement. The back is pale gold on grey-green with a full moon and an open hand. It has an elaborate border.

The Half Moon of Mice
The card depicts a woman and a short, thin, cynical old woman involved in a failure. It has a border of ice. It is associated with stability, calm, and air. Inverted, it represents forgiveness, and a relationship beginning. The back is sky blue on dark blue with a lion's head.

The Ten of Mercy
The card depicts a tall, broad-shouldered, lovestruck old man and a violet. It is associated with a revelation, love, and a change of direction. Inverted, it represents dreams, wind, and a rebellion. The back is bronze with a road and roses.