Friday, July 13, 2012

Asatarabasicon, the inter dimensional proto-extraterrestrial, Channelized by Jenny Sue.

In this telepathic message, Asatarabasicon reveals the Ten Universal Laws.

1) ONE is many, but if you are lost in Multiplicity, it will never be easy to go back to the One.
2) In your present state of non-enlightenment, light is different and even opposed to darkness, but after the Ascension, there will not be differences between Day and Night, Light and Shadows.
3) Everything is created by the alternative frequency of Love. (Do not try to find what the meaning of this is.)
4) Those looking for the Source will indeed, find that they are the Source, and if they are the source, obviously the UNSOURCED is the source.
5) Two plus two=four.
6) We, Betelgeusians will guide you to the TRUTH and give you knowledge of the things unseen.  Aspirin is an excellent  pain-killer.
7) Unsourced is the Source. She is the Mother and the Daughter.
8) Watch without fear the Face of Evil, and you will find the Face of Good.
9) Sleeping without dreams is the more advanced Meditation.
10) After the Ascension, all this will be meaningless. 

Asatarabasicon channeled by Jenny Sue.

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