Sunday, July 31, 2011


He is here, yes…here in this Circus, and what is more important, you will see him with your own eyes..!
Ladies and Gentlemen, forget about Kings, Presidents, and Prime Ministers. Forget the United Nations because now He is here. He has come to us from the Himalaya, from the City of Agartha, lost in the mists of unexplored lands.
Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen and Kids, I am in fact talking about the magnificent, outstanding and incomparable…
Councilor of Earth..!

I can tell you that It was not an easy journey, and the Councilor of Earth risked his own precious life fighting with thousands of cabalists, psy-ops and infernal weapons of mass destruction.
But…he is invincible, because the Light and the Source and his beloved disciples protect Him from all these tribulations and evils.
Just a minute of Mind Concentration and Cabal bases, ships, neutron stars and extraterrestrial laboratories are destroyed.
The Councilor will come with his entourage of incarnated mantis, Star Visitors and prodigious Star Seeds that will amaze you all with their tremendous telepathic and telekinetic powers.
Councilor of Earth will also let us know the exact date and time of the promised Star Visitors Aerial Show, and he will also predict several Earthquakes and similar Catastrophes.
Come Ladies and Gentlemen, come to the Fools’ Circus on Earth which is bigger and better than Fantasy Island and Disneyworld.
Circus Director

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, come…come to the Fools’ Circus..!

Ladies and Gentlemen, come…come to the Fools’ Circus..!
Here you will learn about the powers of your Mind…yes…!, Indeed..! You will see how a simple psychic joint exercise will turns m the Strongest Man on Earth into a weak, fragile puppet.
Come Ladies and Gentlemen, show us how with only the power of your Minds, the Lion is put to sleep, and the Elephant sits.
Come to the Fool’s Festival, because we have great attractions. See the Bearded Woman, the King of Clowns and…yes, the Alien Visitors who came from different Stars…
They will be here, in front of you, and do not be afraid because these Extraterrestrial Visitors are here to help us…to cure your illness, to fix our environment and to teach us the Laws of the Universe.
Ladies and Gentleman, come…come now to the Fool’s Circus..! Enjoy this unique opportunity..!
(band music here……)

Circus Director