Saturday, March 1, 2014


Talking about contact with extraterrestrial visitors and the need of an exopolitical science, we forget about the multiple subterranean terrestrial civilizations and the urgent need to contact these sons and daughters of Mother Earth.
Many governments and reactionary scientists deny us the right to know about these subterranean and subaquatic cultures.
That’s why they want us to watch the skies and make no questions.
That’s why most of the self proclaimed UFO experts are disinformers and psy-ops. They love to hear us talking about Exopolitics but just hate the idea of the real science we need: ENDOPOLITICS.

Karine Ozaki
Letty Murin
Jerome Buttrick
Davida Gracia Ammons-Camano
Sharen Chantay Marlor Witz
Judi Tomika Sawallich
Dorotha Sicinski
Hui Pellum
Perry Chris Hamilton
Bunny Hermine Trynkof

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