Monday, October 13, 2014

The "After Disclosure" promised show.

Of course you can write a book about how will be our world after disclosure. Let me make this clear.
The self proclaimed experts in UFO-Extraterrestrial Hypothesis tell us that there is a universal cover
up, because governments, scientists, churches, politicians, bankers and financiers just DO NOT WANT YOU TO LEARN THAT THE EXTRATERRESTRIALS ARE HERE, IN OUR PLANET.
Besides these experts tell us that sooner or later there will be a disclosure. Governments, bankers, politicians, scientists, priests, etc, will recognize that they will lying to us, and will shows us the ETs.
There is more...
Richard Dolan, one of the self proclaimed experts and also self proclaimed "television figure," wrote a book about how the world will be after disclosure. (Between us, do not waste your money and time, because  the cover-up is mythologic and to talk about the imaginary disclosure is totally meaningless. Think that the writer is selling you pure fiction as analysis of future events.)

Please, enjoy the show and do not ask me why these individuals call themselves "experts".

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