Thursday, September 4, 2014

Galactic Councilors, Multiversalists and Experts in ...Ascension

There are no more contactees. Some of them are old and just rewrite the same books of New Age and self-help telling their audience these are messages from the extraterrestrials...time changes all.

However, UFO experts, Ufologist and Exopoliticians write sometimes something. The same old UFO book with some new words and nothing new, simply because there is nothing new.
Something else is dead. The meme of the "disclosure". The disclosurists of course always knew that since there is no cover-up, there will never be disclosure, and the hot thing is now conspiracy theory. You know, the chemtrails, the Pope as a pedophile, Satanic plans to control the world through the so called New World Order.

We have now new wise men and women. Some of them are Galactic Counselors

and experts  in Universal legislation. Others are multi-universalists and find sitting women, bones, squirrels faces, ET. bases and secret Human colonies in Mars. Remember the men in black? Another dead meme probably killed by some funny but boring films. A joke.
Ah..! We must include here the experts in Ascension, right? The big year was the 2012, but as usual, prophesies always fail. Truth is that nobody knows what this Ascension is.

How about Andy Basiago the time-space traveler? Between us, Basiago fantasies do not sell at all, so we have another, pretty silly dead meme.
Of course is not easy to make a living with new "UFO sightings" knowing that 92% of all sightings are produced by totally normal events like planet Venus, meteorites, space junk, imagination and ignorance. The UFO experts never talk or write about scientific statistics.Is taboo.
Truth is that we live in the Society of the Spectacle and...the show must go on.

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