Thursday, September 20, 2012

Algolian Religion (channeled)

channeled by Isadora Livingstone

Type: monotheism (very matriarchal)
Direction: outwards
Focus: converting others

Deity: The Goddess of Nature and Crossroads
Titles: The Plant-Loving, The All-Mother, The Wanderer

Divine Interaction: somewhat uncommon

Involves: miracles
Afterlife: is an eternal party for the good and can be reached by the living, with effort
Supernatural: malevolent nature spirits, monsters, benevolent nature spirits

Worship: joyous individual public sacrifices
Holidays: few
Holidays Celebrate: the harvest, new moons, martyrs, great priests
Major Holiday(s): often include exchanges of gifts

Clergy: females only
Function: arbiters of holiness, teachers
Lifestyle: spartan
Family: large (children encouraged)
Chosen: raised from birth to be clergy
Distinguished By: special powers
Cultural Aspects

Symbol: is a(n) 12-pointed star
Holy Color: silver

Passed Down: via a strong oral tradition with some writings
Creation Myth Type: emergence
Mortals' Origin: purely accidental
Major Myth/Symbol(s): the dragonslayer

Deadly Sins: none
High Virtues: wisdom, thoughtfulness, moderation, selflessness and honesty

Associated Artform: chanting

Coming of Age: 15 years old (females only)
Coming of Age Rite: involves leading a public ceremony

Marriage: is often arranged from birth
Marriage Rites: involve many unique symbolic rituals

Death Rites: involve dividing up the deceased's property

Major Taboo: displays of affection

Prevalence: believed by all
Outsiders: are discriminated against  

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